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    • Circuit-Level considerations for mixed-signal programmable components 

      Carro, Luigi; Negreiros, Marcelo; Jahn, Gabriel Parmegiani; Souza Junior, Adao Antonio de; Franco, Denis Teixeira (2003) [Journal article]
    • Detecting faults in rotating machines 

      Marcal, Rui Francisco Martins; Negreiros, Marcelo; Susin, Altamiro Amadeu; Kovaleski, Joao Luiz (2000) [Journal article]
    • A new adaptive analog test and diagnosis system 

      Cota, Erika Fernandes; Negreiros, Marcelo; Carro, Luigi; Lubaszewski, Marcelo Soares (2000) [Journal article]
      This paper presents a low-cost analog test system with diagnosis capabilities. The tester is able to detect faults in any linear circuit by learning a reference circuit behavior in a first step, and comparing this behavior ...