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    • Man vs. machine : predicting hospital bed demand 

      Lucini, Filipe Rissieri; Reis, Mateus Augusto dos; Silveira, Giovani Jose Caetano da; Fogliatto, Flavio Sanson; Anzanello, Michel José; Andrioli, Giordanna Guerra; Nicolaidis, Rafael; Beltrame, Rafael Coimbra Ferreira; Neyeloff, Jeruza Lavanholi; Schaan, Beatriz D'Agord (2020) [Journal article]
      Background: The recent literature reports promising results from using intelligent systems to support decision making in healthcare operations. Using these systems may lead to improved diagnostic and treatment protocols ...
    • Surgery scheduling heuristic considering OR downstream and upstream facilities and resources 

      Calegari, Rafael; Fogliatto, Flavio Sanson; Lucini, Filipe Rissieri; Anzanello, Michel José; Schaan, Beatriz D'Agord (2020) [Journal article]
      Background: Surgical theater (ST) operations planning is a key subject in the healthcare management literature, particularly the scheduling of procedures in operating rooms (ORs). The OR scheduling problem is usually ...