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    • Functional-segment activity coefficient equation of state : F-SAC-Phi 

      Baladão, Luís Fernando; Staudt, Paula Bettio; Soares, Rafael de Pelegrini (2019) [Journal article]
      COSMO-RS refinements and applications have been the focus of numerous works, mainly due to their great predictive capacity. However, these models do not directly include pressure effects. In this work, a methodology for ...
    • A pairwise surface contact equation of state : COSMO-SAC-Phi 

      Soares, Rafael de Pelegrini; Baladão, Luís Fernando; Staudt, Paula Bettio (2019) [Journal article]
      In this work a new method for inclusion of pressure effects in COSMO-type activity coefficient models is proposed. The extension consists in the direct combination of COSMO-SAC and lattice-fluid ideas by the inclusion of ...