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    • Surgery scheduling heuristic considering OR downstream and upstream facilities and resources 

      Calegari, Rafael; Fogliatto, Flavio Sanson; Lucini, Filipe Rissieri; Anzanello, Michel José; Schaan, Beatriz D'Agord (2020) [Journal article]
      Background: Surgical theater (ST) operations planning is a key subject in the healthcare management literature, particularly the scheduling of procedures in operating rooms (ORs). The OR scheduling problem is usually ...
    • Using cost-volume-profit to analyse the viability of implementing a new distribution center 

      Etges, Ana Paula Beck da Silva; Calegari, Rafael; Rhoden, Marisa Ignez dos Santos; Cortimiglia, Marcelo Nogueira (2016) [Journal article]
      Firms are constantly improving their activities in order to become more competitive. With the diffusion of international competition and easier access to global markets, effective logistic and inventory management strategies ...