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    • Polyamide worm gear : manufacturing and performance 

      Gasparin, Alexandre Luis; Corso, Leandro Luís; Tentardini, Eduardo Kirinus; Nunes, Regina Célia Reis; Forte, Maria Madalena de Camargo; Oliveira, Ricardo Vinicius Bof de (2012) [Journal article]
      The focus of this paper is to establish a characterisation method for seven polyamide (PA) grades to determine the major material to manufacture an automotive worm gear. The composite properties were measured according to ...
    • Reliability based design optimization using a genetic algorithm : application to bonded thin films areas of copper/polypropylene 

      Corso, Leandro Luís; Gasparin, Alexandre Luis; Gomes, Herbert Martins (2016) [Journal article]
      In the present study, a methodology is appliedfor system reliability based design optimization (RBDO) to thin copper films that are deposited on flat surfaces of polypropylene polymer. The input data of the design of such ...