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    • OpenET : filling a critical data gap in water management for the western United States. 

      Melton, Forrest S.; Huntington, Justin L.; Grimm, Robyn; Herring, Jamie; Hall, Maurice; Rollison, Dana; Erickson, Tyler; Allen, Richard G.; Anderson, Martha B.; Fisher, Joshua; Kilic, Ayse; Senay, Gabriel B.; Volk, John Michael; Hain, Christopher; Johnson, Lee; Ruhoff, Anderson Luis; Blankenau, Philip; Bromley, Matt; Carrara, Will; Daudert, Britta; Doherty, Conor; Dunkerly, Christian; Friedrichs, MacKenzie; Guzman, Alberto; Halverson, Gregory; Hansen, Jody; Harding, Jordan; Kang, Yanghui; Ketchun, David; Minor, Blake; Morton, Charles; Ortega-Salazar, Samuel; Ott, Thomas; Ozdogan, Mutlu; Revelle, Peter; Schull, Mitchell; Wang, Carlos; Yang, Yun; Anderson, Ren (2022) [Journal article]
      The lack of consistent, accurate information on evapotranspiration (ET) and consumptive use of water by irrigated agriculture is one of the most important data gaps for water managers in the western United States (U.S.) ...