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    • Cement matrix containing lightweight aggregate based on Non-Metallic Fraction Printed Circuit Boards (NMFPCB'S) 

      Schneider, Eduardo Luís; Veit, Hugo Marcelo; Hartmann, Wagner Luiz; Stolz, Carina Mariane; Robinson, Luiz Carlos; Oliveira, Cláudia Trindade; Vargas, Alexandre Silva de (2021) [Journal article]
      Materials such as river sand, used in construction, have a high demand, and thus generate great environmental impacts while being extracted, such as erosion of the rivers banks and your siltation. With the increasing ...
    • Evaluation of mass loss in different stages of printed circuit boards recycling employed in temperature controllers 

      Schneider, Eduardo Luís; Hamerski, Fernando; Veit, Hugo Marcelo; Krummenauer, Alex; Cenci, Marcelo Pilotto; Chaves, Rodrigo de Andrade; Hartmann, Wagner Luiz; Dias, Moisés de Mattos; Robinson, Luiz Carlos; Vargas, Alexandre Silva de (2019) [Journal article]
      The aim of this work was to evaluate mass loss in each stage of the recycling process for metal recovery from PCBs of controllers and temperature indicators of cold chambers. The stages of process consists of grinding, ...