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    • Characterization of demolished concretes with three different strengths for recycling as coarse aggregate 

      Sampaio, Carlos Hoffmann; Cazacliu, Bogdan; Ambrós, Weslei Monteiro; Kronbauer, Márcio André; Tubino, Rejane Maria Candiota; Dal Molin, Denise Carpena Coitinho; Oliva Moncunill, Josep; Miltzarek, Gerson Luis; Waskow, Régis Pereira; Santos, Viviane Lopes Gschwenter dos; Silva, Luis Felipe Oliveira (2021) [Journal article]
      This paper presents a physical characterization for the recycling into new concretes of three comminuted concretes: C16/20 (“ordinary concrete”), C50/60 (“high strength concrete”), and C70/85 (“very high strength concrete”). ...