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    • Characterization study of electric arc furnace dust phases 

      Machado, Janaína Gonçalves Maria da Silva; Brehm, Feliciane Andrade; Moraes, Carlos Alberto Mendes; Santos, Carlos Alberto dos; Vilela, Antonio Cezar Faria (2006) [Journal article]
      Electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) is a solid waste generated in the collection of particulate material during steelmaking process in electric arc furnace. The aim of this work is to carry out a chemical and structural ...
    • Design and construction of a PCI RIG for evaluation of pulverized fuels combustion : equipment features 

      Rech, Rene Lucio; Machado, André da Silveira; Barbieri, Cláudia Caroline Teixeira; Pohlmann, Juliana Gonçalves; Machado, Janaína Gonçalves Maria da Silva; Bagatini, Maurício Covcevich; Marcilio, Nilson Romeu; Peres, Antonio Eduardo Clark; Vilela, Antonio Cezar Faria; Osorio, Eduardo (2018) [Journal article]
      Pulverized coal injection (PCI) is a technique worldwide used in blast furnaces (BFs) to reduce coke consumption. Burning of pulverized coal injected into tuyeres of BFs takes place under medium pressure (up to 450 kPa), ...
    • Reactivity of brazilian coal, charcoal, imported coal and blends aiming to their injection into blast furnaces 

      Machado, Janaína Gonçalves Maria da Silva; Osorio, Eduardo; Vilela, Antonio Cezar Faria (2010) [Journal article]
      For about 10 years the steel industry in Brazil has used pulverized coal injection (PCI) technology in the blast furnaces based on imported coals. In order to decrease the dependence on imported coals, Brazilian coal, which ...