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    • Design and simulation of a stepper motor with cores obtained from sintered Fe50%Ni alloy 

      Mesquita, Raul Faviero de; Dias, Moisés de Mattos; Bittencourt, Sérgio Deitos; Borba, Monir Goethel; Cezar, Jose Lesina; Verney, Jose Carlos Krause de; Martins, Ricardo Martins de; Aquim, Patrice Monteiro de; Schaeffer, Lirio; Mozetic, Halston José; Gertz, Luiz Carlos; Schneider, Eduardo Luís (2020) [Journal article]
      The objective of this work was the development of a three-phase, six pole stepper motor with stator and rotor core built from Fe50%Ni alloy via powder metallurgy. The study involves analysis of the magnetic, electrical and ...
    • Development of cores for mini motors from laminated sheets of electric steel ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) 35F 420M with thermal treatment 

      Mozetic, Halston José; Boff, Uilian; Luna, Wilberth Harold Deza; Pfingstag, Maiquel Emerson; Martins, Ricardo Martins de; Dias, Moisés de Mattos; Schaeffer, Lirio (2016) [Journal article]
      The purposes of this paper were to study the thermal treatment of Fe-Si sheet, as well as the sheet cutting concerning the topology of a mini stepper motor and mini motor simulation using finite element software. The ...
    • Study of a 1.5 kW vertical wind turbine 

      Garcia, William Sciacca; Dias, Moisés de Mattos; Santos, Alessandro Sarmento dos; Borba, Monir Goethel; Aquim, Patrice Monteiro de; Moura, Angela Beatrice Dewes; Schneider, Eduardo Luís; Alencastro, Jocarli Itamirã Duarte; Mozetic, Halston José; Callegaro, Renato Mazzini; Schaeffer, Lirio; Cezar, Jose Lesina; Gertz, Luiz Carlos (2020) [Journal article]
      The aim of this work was the study of a 1.5 kW vertical Wind Turbine, made by Enersud, assembled above the Electronic Engineer Building of the Feevale University. The work consisted in the specifications of the Turbine ...