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    • Identification and estimation of physiological workload in nursing : concepts, methods and gaps in the literature 

      Rodeghiero Neto, Italo; Amaral, Fernando Goncalves (2020) [Journal article]
      The increasing technological evolution in hospitals, combined with stressful and burdensome working conditions causes distress in nursing professionals. These elements suggest an increase in the physiological workload of ...
    • Industry 4.0 perspectives in the health sector in Brazil 

      Silveira, Franco da; Rodeghiero Neto, Italo; Santos, Bruno Miranda dos; Gasparetto, Rafaela Maria de Oliveira; Machado, Filipe Molinar; Rodrigues, Paulo Cesar Chagas; Amaral, Fernando Goncalves (2021) [Journal article]
      Health 4.0 can be understood as the set of procedures that seek to improve the efficiency and speed of health professionals with possible guidelines for combining patient data in hospitals. However, systematizing and ...