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    • Multi-stage dumping sequence : a feasible waste management alternative for open pit mining 

      Kuckartz, Bruno Tomasi; Peroni, Rodrigo de Lemos; Rodrigues, Áttila Leães (2021) [Journal article]
      Waste management and environmental aspects are progressively gathering attention in the mining industry. Mine planners must deal with increasingly complex tasks to balance between ore block schedules, waste disposal, ...
    • Using UAV for automatic lithological classification of open pit mining front 

      Beretta, Filipe Schmitz; Rodrigues, Áttila Leães; Peroni, Rodrigo de Lemos; Costa, Joao Felipe Coimbra Leite (2019) [Journal article]
      Mine planning is dependent on the natural lithologic features and on the definition of their limits. The geological model is constantly updated during the life of the mine, based on all the information collected so far, ...