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    • Reduced hydraulic model of Forquilha IV tailings dam 

      Teixeira, Eder Daniel; Franca, Paulo Ricardo Behrens; Viana, Edna Maria de Faria; Faria, Marco Tulio Correa de; Saliba, Aloysio Portugal Maia; Martinez, Carlos Barreira (2015) [Journal article]
      This paper presents the development of a reduced hydraulic model (RHM) for the outflow operating system at the Forquilha IV (scale 1:10) tailings dam, owned by Vale S.A. The studies were performed by Centro de Pesquisas ...
    • Start position of a sloping hydraulic jump 

      Wiest, Rafael André; Steinke Júnior, Renato; Prá, Mauricio Dai; Marques, Marcelo Giulian; Teixeira, Eder Daniel; Saliba, Aloysio Portugal Maia (2020) [Journal article]
      Although sloping hydraulic jumps are frequent in energy dissipators, there are few studies regarding this type of phenomenon. Since the jump is accompanied by violent impacts and sudden variations of velocity and pressure, ...
    • Surface drainage system for dry docks in shipyards : case study of Estaleiro Rio Grande (Technical Note) 

      Teixeira, Eder Daniel; Marques, Marcelo Giulian; Saliba, Aloysio Portugal Maia; Martinez, Carlos Barreira; Resende, Márcio Figueiredo de (2016) [Journal article]
      This study aims to present a methodology for the design of a surface drainage system for dry docks in shipyards, taking into account the rainfall intensity at the site, the damping capacity of the hydraulic structures ...