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    • Design, modeling, optimization, manufacturing and testing of variable-angle filament-wound cylinders 

      Almeida Júnior, José Humberto Santos; St-Pierre, Luc; Wang, Zhihua; Ribeiro, Marcelo Leite; Tita, Volnei; Amico, Sandro Campos; Castro, Saullo Giovani Pereira (2021) [Journal article]
      This work demonstrates the potential of manufacturing variable-angle composite cylinders via filament winding(FW), called VAFW. The proposed design strategy allows different filament angles along the axial direction ...
    • Optimization for drilling process of metal-composite aeronautical structures 

      Devitte, Cristiano; Souza, Gabriel Sales Candido; Souza, André João de; Tita, Volnei (2021) [Journal article]
      Metal-composite laminates and joints are applied in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance (repairing) using aluminum alloys (AA) and glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP). In these applications, drilling has a prominent ...