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    • Pressure-induced phase transitions and volume changes in Hf02 up to Gpa 

      Leger, Jean Michel; Atouf, A.; Tomaszewski, P.E.; Pereira, Altair Soria (1993) [Journal article]
      The phase transformations and pressure-volume dependence of Hf02 have been investigated at room temperature by angle-dispersive powder x-ray diffraction under high pressure to 50 GPa in a diamond anvil cell. The phase ...
    • Pressure-induced structural phase transitions in zirconia under high pressure 

      Leger, Jean Michel; Tomaszewski, P.E.; Atouf, A.; Pereira, Altair Soria (1993) [Journal article]
      Angular-dispersive x-ray in situ powder-diffraction experiments have been performed on pure zirconia, Zr02, at room temperature under high pressure up to 50 GPa. Under increasing pressure four phases were successively ...