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    • An active plasma beam dump for EuPRAXIA beams 

      Bonatto, Alexandre; Nunes, Roger Pizzato; Nunes, Bruno Silveira; Kumar, Sanjeev; Liang, Linbo; Xia, Gouxing (2021) [Journal article]
      Plasma wakefields driven by high power lasers or relativistic particle beams can be orders of magnitude larger than the fields produced in conventional accelerating structures. Since the plasma wakefield is composed not ...
    • Plasma beam dumps for the EuPRAXIA facility 

      Xia, Gouxing; Bonatto, Alexandre; Nunes, Roger Pizzato; Liang, Linbo; Jakobsson, Oscar; Zhao, Yuan; Williamson, Barney; Davut, Can; Wang, Xueying (2020) [Journal article]
      Beam dumps are indispensable components for particle accelerator facilities to absorb or dispose beam kinetic energy in a safe way. However, the design of beam dumps based on conventional technology, i.e., energy deposition ...