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    • Implanted boron depth profiles in the az111 photoresist 

      Guimaraes, Renato Bastos; Amaral, Livio; Behar, Moni; Fichtner, Paulo Fernando Papaleo; Zawislak, Fernando Claudio (1988) [Journal article]
      The isotope 1OB has been implanted into the photoresist AZll1 in the 30–150 keV energy range. The corresponding depth profiles have been analyzed using the 1OB(n,a) 7 Li reaction. At 60 keV, the profile changes from a ...
    • Thermal behavior and range distribution of 209bi implanted the into ai/v bilayer structure 

      Olivieri, Carlos Alberto; Behar, Moni; Grande, Pedro Luis; Fichtner, Paulo Fernando Papaleo; Zawislak, Fernando Claudio; Biersack, J.P.; Fink, Dietmar (1988) [Journal article]
      350-keV 209Bi + was implanted into an A1 (1000 Å)/V bilayer system. The Bi depth distribution measured by Rutherford backscattering agrees well with predictions obtained via the Monte-Carlo simulation method (TRIM code). ...