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    • Cement matrix containing lightweight aggregate based on Non-Metallic Fraction Printed Circuit Boards (NMFPCB'S) 

      Schneider, Eduardo Luís; Veit, Hugo Marcelo; Hartmann, Wagner Luiz; Stolz, Carina Mariane; Robinson, Luiz Carlos; Oliveira, Cláudia Trindade; Vargas, Alexandre Silva de (2021) [Journal article]
      Materials such as river sand, used in construction, have a high demand, and thus generate great environmental impacts while being extracted, such as erosion of the rivers banks and your siltation. With the increasing ...
    • A review of the recycling of non-metallic fractions of printed circuit boards 

      Marques, André Canal; Cabrera Marrero, José María; Malfatti, Célia de Fraga (2013) [Journal article]
      There is a big waste generation nowadays due to the growing demand for innovation and the fact that more and more products have a reduced lifetime, increasing the volume of dumps and landfills. Currently, one of the segments ...